Fucked For Life (FFL) is a criminal network in Sweden, probably founded by Daniel Maiorana (b. 1977).[1]

Maiorana was released from Hall Prison on 14 February 2002, where he had served a four and a half year sentence for robbery and assault. After his release, a crime wave associated with FFL began in Stockholm, until he was arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison.[2] He escaped from custody on 18 January 2004 but was arrested again. He escaped yet again on 28 July 2004, together with Tony Olsson, a convict serving a life sentence for the Malexander murders. Both men were again arrested shortly after their escape.[3]

At the core of the network are 12 men, some of whom have "FFL" tattooed on their arms or neck. The gang was initially named "Tumba Lords" (Tumba is a southern suburb of Stockholm) but switched to the current name in the end of the 1990s. Originally the gang consisted of 5 members but in 2004 police estimates said the number increased to approximately 40 members. FFL originally started with the theft of mopeds and motocross-cycles. In the last years they have been occupied with robbing ATMs and armoured transports.


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